Dog days of Summer

Well. It’s still hot as all get up, here in Florida. We are NOT so patiently waiting for the cooler days to arrive. Much has happened in the nearly two months since I last post. My easy business and photography business are starting to take off, which is GREAT! There is something to be said for working your tail off. I have a goal to reach by the time Aspen turns one, and if I don’t make it, then I will be going back to an 8-5 job. Which I will hate. So for the next six months I will be working continuously on my small business’.

For Aspen, she is doing amazing as always. She’s nearly six months already, which is absolutely blowing my mind. She sits up on her own and is incredibly close to crawling. She laughs like there is no tomorrow, and really enjoys eating.

Scott is also back in town, which is super nice! Aspen gets to love up on her daddy while mama gets some much appreciated help around the house!

We plan our next trip back to arizona next month for Scott’s best friend’s wedding. we’re beyond excited! and almost immediately after, we will be heading to Washington D.C. for Thanksgiving. its a busy time of year, but we love it!


Here’s some photos taken in the past month:


family beach sessions

I had the pleasure of shooting this sweet family last night.

I met Sami through an organization called “Stroller Warriors” a few months ago. It’s a group of military members and their families whom get together for runs and workouts. It’s a great community to associate yourself with, and has introduced me to some incredible people! Sami being one of them. This is her family, and their friends from Virginia’s family. All in all, it was the perfect beach session.

Boho wall art


Oh these are so fun to make!

I first saw these beauties on pinterest and decided right away to make one. But now that I’ve made one, I am HOOKED. So I decided to make a few more and add them to my SHOP

to make: get a large twig, yarn, and scissors. Cut yarn to desired length and tie onto the twig. Once all of the yarn is attached, cut the design you want it in. For me, I just chose this simple angle. Once it is cut, add twine to make it hang.

Pretty simple, right? I LOVE it.

Aspen in Arizona

Adventuring is one of my favorite things to do. Actually, it is my favorite thing to do. This was Aspen’s second trip to Arizona, but she had yet to explore my favorite region of my home state: rim country.

It is beautiful there. The land is filled with wild creatures, calm lakes, trickling rivers, dancing pines, and some of Arizona’s most beautiful, but unlikely sceneries. And at four months, we finally took her up to escape the Phoenix heat to explore the territory.

She is, and always be my little mountain babe.


Here are some more pictures of Aspen with my side of the family. Everyone absolutely adores her.

I think one of my favorite things of mothering this child is to see those I love, love her. It feeds my soul.


Our trip was once again, amazing. Watching my sisters take turn loving on my little sapling, seeing my parents be the greatest grandparents, cherishing the moments my grandma has being her great-grandma. It was amazing. These are the days every mother lives for.

Four months old already?!


I do not understand how this has happened. It feels like yesterday this sweet girl entered our world. She has gone from a quite, cuddly baby to a social, active participant of life. She is so vocal, and laughs at nearly anything and everything. She still sleeps throughout the night (thank goodness). Her favorite thing to do is roll around and bounce. Mom and dad are still her everything, and she is ours as well.

Needless to say, these past four months have been nothing short of amazing.


To celebrate, we went to the park last night, and today we met up with our friend who is sadly PCSing in two days. Then we spent the night bowling and passing her around from friend to friend. Happy four months to this sweet little love.

Rainbows at the beach


Today’s lighting was a little difficult to work with. But that rainbow?? That was so, so worth it!

I met April at a group called “stroller warriors”, which is a group of military parents that run with their littles in strollers. We typically meet up two-three times a week. It was my second week in, when April and I ended up jamming out to Katy Perry while running with our strollers. Since then, we have hit it off. I LOVED having the honor of capturing her precious family.

daddy’s home


After a two month TDY, Scott came home. Little love was very excited. And mama was happy to have an extra set of hands around! We have a “daddy and me” shoot this weekend for these two. I cannot wait!


A lot of marriages fall apart in distances. Us, however, embrace the time we have apart. It gives us some much needed “space” and allows us to miss each other once again.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) I leave for Arizona in just a few days, leaving Scott without us again for another two weeks. So, this weekend we have big plans to be a family. On the TO-DO list is:

1. margaritas, baby!

2. netflix and chill (wink wink)

3. picnic on the beach

4. daddy-and-me photos

5. bowling

6. sleep. Because this guy deserves it.


Picture taking


Lately I’ve been getting more and more familiar with my camera- and I LOVE it! For a few months now my husband has been encouraging me to starting taking up photography professionally. And it would be a lie not to say that it terrifies me. I get incredibly self conscious of my work, and I don’t like putting myself out there. But here I am, taking a leap of faith.

I have yet to put together a website, and so far it is just word of mouth, but I’m beginning to build up my confidence.

I’ve done all of this with a teething three month old in my arms.. and for that, I feel like they’re pretty decent, haha.

My dream is to have a large enough clientele to work in both Arizona and Florida.